Fort Sesfontein Lodge

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Fort Sesfontein, your stop over within your Namibia journey, offers several highlights:
The arrival from Kamanjab or Khorixias through Damaraland is already an adventure and you will receive a first impression of a natural Africa prior to farming. You will enjoy the free view, the wideness and discover widespreaded colonies of the Damara and Hereros as well as African wild animals in the wilderness.
The Lodge is situated inside Fort Sesfontein which has been reestablished authentically even to details from the ruines of a historical Fort built in 1896. It is a monument providing safety and coziness but naturally fulfils the demand for modern facilities according to today’s standards. Descendants of the natives of the Damaras, Hereros and Himbas are your hosts. They create a friendly and amiable atmosphere and allow a view into their culture by performing songs of their tribes. Nature, the protection of fauna and flora, but also progress in health and eduction of the local residents is what we as well as our guests stand for.With your presence you contribute to the preservation and development of this region.
Free WLAN access, depending on availability
The Safari program with guided day trips into Kaokoveld gives you access to one of the most untouched areas in Africa, and this in Namibia
Unique nature and landscapes
The African fauna with desert elephants in the Hoanib
The tribe of the Himbas in Kaokoveld
Rock carvings, aging approx. 1000 years (near Sosus) , as an evidence of African history
All this is being offered in an individual atmosphere in Sosus at reasonable prices!

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