Etosha National Park is one of "must see" attractions of Namibia, we offer accommodation reservations around the park and the camps inside Etosha.

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1 lodges are available in Bushmanland/Khaudum/Tsumkwe
Xaudum Lodge

In a forgotten corner of North East Namibia, is one of the last pure wilderness areas left in Africa. To the knowledgeable traveller, Khaudum National Park offers a subtle mix of solitude, raw beauty and a sense of isolation. Sited on a prehistoric sand dune overlooking its namesake the Xaudum Omuramba, Xaudum Lodge instills a feeling of isolation to all its visitors. The lodge is pitched in northeast Namibia inside the Khaudum National Park, making game viewing an enticing experience. The 9 guest rooms are connected to public areas by raised wooden walkways in one of the last true wilderness areas in southern Africa. The terrain is predominantly Kalahari sand dunes covered by a forest of diverse varieties of magnificent tall trees and the Xaudum Lodge is the hidden gem that can be found among the thorns.

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